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Coolest Story Ever??

I get asked a lot what's the coolest thing I've been able to do at work. Custom vehicle wraps are definitely fun, but nothing could ever top what we were allowed to do in 2016 in October

It was such a happy-go-lucky time during the baseball season of 2016. I followed what seemed like every game that year, as a matter of fact the shop did as well. And during the NLCS Playoffs, we had brought up the idea of selling shirts near the ballpark and possibly going to the World Series. It was insane to think that the Cubs were headed to the World Series, and so were we...

I put together a two color design on an antique royal Gildan shirt. We ordered as many as we could and headed up to Wrigley! We went to City Hall downtown to get our peddlars license and then made our way up North.

I was there for the Game 3 loss as well as the Game 5 win. The picture above was taken near the bleacher entrance on Friday October 28 on Game 3. It was the first time the World Series had been in Chicago in over 100 years, and I was lucky enough to be able to experience it.

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